TLDR: Let's create some public verification thread and badge/status for all to see. It may attract more site attention & traffic if we set some agreeable ground rules.

Figure out a name, reverb calls it a preferred seller, ebay calls it whatever they call it, we can call it whatever we want.

Reverb fucked up today (7/14/2020) and raised their fees to 5% from 3.5%. It seems small but raising fees by +50% is rough, and for what? Who knows what else is/isn't coming... they haven't done much for sellers in the past year other than make buyers pay more (taxes) so they are naturally adding 100+ onto whatever purchase they make which blows. Shipping is the only thing that keeps me around because they do shave off a lot on the price.

We need to create a PUBLIC thread on the forum for everyone to see for applications to receive this attribute to their profile. This attribute would let anyone know if they make a deal with you, you can be trusted for what you are selling. We can all decide on some rules or qualifications that an individual needs to meet to receive this status.

As quarantine has left me working from home i've had stupid amounts of free time and there are only so many guitars one can attempt to flip... I would be more than willing to lead a discussion and round up all the results surrounding this topic to really revive the forum.

Here are some examples of things I have thought of. Take these ideas and run with em:

- Trusted Accounts will control all deals, meaning if someone wants to buy a guitar on LGT but isn't a trusted account, the seller will have all the control (documentation, deciding payments, half/half, full up front, returns, announcing the sale to the public (or not) etc...).

- Trusted accounts will have to submit some sort of proof of legitimacy. You must prove you have made deals with # of people, or # sales/ratings on reverb. A combination of "offline" and "online" sales would be valuable too, meaning sales to people without any sort of platform (say an in-person deal on facebook marketplace, or shipping through people you met on a facebook group) and sales through a reverb/ebay platform.

- A bit of information that I have asked reverb to include in listings for a long time, is instrument serial # to track if people are selling stolen things (working in compliance turned me into a documentation freak).

- Any ideas?