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Thread: Drum Machines, Sound Card, Microphone

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    Default Drum Machines, Sound Card, Microphone

    Fire sale on the following. Make me an offer on any of the items or all them. I'm located in Phoenix AZ.

    The backlight on the DR-880 isn't working, but it's still usable. The DR-5 doesn't have a power cable included. Roland Quad Capture doesn't include a USB cable.

    Shure SM57 Mic
    Boss DR-880
    Alesis SR-18
    Boss DR-5
    Roland Quad Capture

    Link to pictures:

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    I was just looking for a drum machine, a sound card, for about two weeks. The Elektron Digitakt broke because of the dog, so I had to look for something new. And the sound card just needs to be upgraded. How much for the Roland Quad Capture and Alesis SR-18 do you want? You'd better name your price. Preferably cheaper, I want to buy some double bass pedals, but I can't find a good double bass pedals review, nothing I like. If you do a discount, I'll buy a microphone from you too. As for delivery, you can mail it to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MurrayMi View Post
    I would like to say that the folder is empty. And there is no way to look at the image.
    I just wanted to say that. I wanted to know if there are cheaper pedals, but not inferior in quality to good drums?

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