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Thread: NAMM 2019 Photos

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    Very awesome pics! Thanks for posting them!

    Those Jazzies are going to be a part of Fender's regular production moving forward. Hopefully they'll start making MIM versions soon for us non-pointy folk

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    Funny how the Eclipse decal is on upside down on the lefty in your first pic... Did you notice that?
    I want a Hot Rod Tele with a single humbucker and a topmount Floyd so bad... Seems everyone is building a supertile lately and I wanna get on board too! hahaha!

    What the name of that color on that JazzMaster that's like sort of a light green metallic but it definitely has pearl in the clearcoat? I would quote the picture link but they are taking a very long time to load for me this morning....
    They're pictured below the Epiphone Les Paul's and the Kiesels…. Lovely color I gotta say!

    Thanks for taking time to post these, but I'm like you where this year was another disappointing year and more of the same it seemed which is sad...

    Can't believe BCRich didn't even bother with this, but then again they are on their last legs under this ownership and the head of the Custom Shop which isn't in good standing with his business and luthier practices... They were reportedly for sale for $3milion dollars and I was sort of hoping ESP or someone would buy them and revamp the brand....

    As mentioned previously on here the new Kramers aren't much better and I wish someone would buy them from Gibson and do right by that brand and offer up nice products... Rumor was they were all "Made in a good shop in China", but it turns out they are "Made in a good shop in Korea"....

    Yet another reason I'll stick with old guitars, cause they're tried and proven and you know what youre gonna get... Plus everyone wants the latest stuff so it's dealer's choice most times when you find something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manini View Post
    I was able to touch all the guitars, except for the lego guitar, the esp eclipse custom, and that guitar with the skull and crosses on it as they were all closed off.
    That spikey skull and crosses guitar is outrageous! Is that just a really good 3D-looking paint job, or are all those shapes carved?
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    Quote Originally Posted by superheavydeathmetal View Post
    That spikey skull and crosses guitar is outrageous! Is that just a really good 3D-looking paint job, or are all those shapes carved?
    Heres a time lapse video on that ESP. I remembered watching it a few years ago. Intresting that it has made a current visit this year. I always assumed someone with deep pockets owned it and tucked it away in a vault or something. It must be property of ESP and used as a promotional display piece.

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