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Thread: How important are your picks?

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    .94 Black Fangs or 1.0 Flow picks.

    Black Fangs have a better grip than the Tortex, but if you're someone always dropping your pick, the Flow pick is it.

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    Guitar picks are life!

    Seriously, grab a few at the store and try them at home. Forget about the shape, material, thickness, etc. for a minute. Play some stuff and listen. See if you can pick (pun intended) any differences between them. The way you attack the string, the angle, you name it. Everything becomes more obvious when you start trying different picks.

    For my purposes, I hybrid pick a lot. I wanted a pick that was small and manageable enough for me to switch back and forth when playing harmonics. I also wanted a pick that gave me a nice round, fat sound. Something similar to my fingers, but not quite. I narrowed it down to Jazz III sizes, but still tried a myriad of materials and thicknesses.

    For the most part, I can hang with both red and black Jazz IIIs. I prefer the EJ and JP signature models. But my favorite is the Fender 354. Of course, them a-holes at the big F have discontinued them, so I will eventually go through my stash. I have been looking for suitable replacements for a couple of years and settled on a D'Andrea Pro Plec. Not the same, really. But it has a nice character to it.

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