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Thread: Ibanez body run

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    That's just the rumor that was going around who knows...could be a marketing ploy of sorts for all that matters. All's I know is that I have nothing for him since he doesn't have anything for us.
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    Not to resurrect this dead horse, but this has been my experience. In the past I HAVE been successful one time in being able to order a lefty body from him. It was the Xiphos that I had, and have since sold. Prior to that I was able to order cavity covers and a couple pickguards from him....but this is where his demeanor changed. I had need for a pickguard in lefty using other materials/colors that he ALREADY had. Pickguards that he ALREADY made in right hand, yet, when I asked (ready to BUY on the spot) if he'd cut me out a lefty pickguard in whatever color/material it was (it's been so long I don't even remember what I wanted) he flat out told me that he couldn't because "I'm not setup to bevel an edge using that material for a left handed pickguard, sorry". What an absolute crock of shit.

    This dude would be screwed then if he was asked to make a left handed pickguard for a Musicman Stingray (I use this as an example to illustrate the near circular shape and the insanity of saying you can bevel in one direction but not the other)....because somehow he isn't capable of beveling an edge due to the pickguard's orientation. It makes no sense....if you're setup to bevel an edge then you're setup to bevel an edge! So, for me at least, this is when I started entirely writing Nate off and spending my money with Chris. I've purchased around 5-6 RG/JEM bodies from Chris....some swirled in colors I ordered and some natural woods. I've even sent in an RG body (a 560) to have him swirl, clear, and buff it....no issues. Top job and he didn't charge too much. From experience he (Chris) DOES need to tweak the CNC files to correct a minor discrepancy with the Monkey Grips and to round off the AANJ heels to match up with the MIJ style heels....currently all his AANJ heels are contoured like the MIK/MII AANJ heels. Aside from that his stuff is pretty spot on, he uses good quality woods and he's totally willing to work out an order that isn't the usual basswood/alder AANJ front routed JEM/RG.

    It wasn't that long ago that I nearly ended up with Joe's RFR and I wrote Nate to order a DY pickguard.....didn't even get a response. Based on all this, while I'd love to buy one of his JEM necks.....I'm done with that cat. Whether or not he stays in the "industry" is irrelevant. What IS relevant is that as lefties, we have a couple great choices between KNE and Chris Mai......that covers nearly any of our Charvel, Jackson, Fender, RG, JEM (and a few other shapes/brands) needs. I remember that Chris told me awhile back that he wanted to get into making necks. I know Mitch makes necks.

    Nate won't get another dime from me, just because he's done business with me in the past doesn't mean I'll give him the benefit of the doubt today. The pickguard bevel BS was the final straw for me.
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