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Thread: hey from France

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalchurch View Post
    Sometimes all that a guitar really needs is a simple re-furb to get it up and running to make a reliable player out of. Im a believer in the old saying "looks don't make it go", so that being said, as long as my guitars stay in tune and sound good, that's all that matters to me really. I don't abuse my guitars by any means, but if they do get banged around I don't cry about it because essentially its just a piece of wood, so dings and knicks come with the territory really.
    most of the times i dont mind too much one of my guitar being hurt but man, that Aria axe..i really love playing it so i'll try to keep it in good shape as much as possible which means no stage/rehearsing with this one unless i have no other option left

    Hang around here and make some friends to build up your credibility and you'll eventually find just about anything that youre looking for.
    thanks for the advice, i hope so
    I understand about the currency exchange rate, which sometimes sucks on our end here in the states as well.
    i bet you do, at least you have decent dealers theres, lets take an example : xlguitars, he's offering killer gear but ordering there would cost me about 150 bucks of shipping plus 20% of local tax while it gets delivered
    You may be able to find a good enough deal on a guitar here that will help off-set the total price, so in the end it's not so much of a kick in the nuts so to speak.
    would be great yeah, i'll give it some time so i'm sure i'll find the holy grail at some point
    Nice talkin to you man, you seem to be a legit person. Hang around and have some fun here, cause it's really the best site in the entire world for us lefties.
    Thanks, will do so, it looks like a very nice resource indeed

    added my words in bold, i hope it's readable though

    Olav > thanks, if i'm home then where's my Guinness ?

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    Welcome cher compatriote, je suis de Bordeaux!

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